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Christmas health and safety updates and news

Chrismas health and safety

Chrismas health and safety


Christmas Health and safety seems to be the last issue to think of during the busy run to the holidays. However don’ forget to take some precautions and be safe and aware of the risks which hanging Christmas decorations could involve. It’s quite simple; of course as long as you provide suitable steppers and ladders, there is no major danger to be expected. Although is simple and logic, in the past there were certain reports of employers forbidding festive decorating, due to safety hazards…As always, don’t over exaggerate but be sensible regarding christmas health and safety.


Although everybody is busy getting ready for the big meal and parties, a few changes in health and safety procedures and legislation are being introduced during the last month.


First aid

Based on last year’ Lofsted report recommendations, the HSE have been running a consultation on First Aid at Work (FAW) regulations. From the 1st of January 2013, not only is the HSE going to be entitled to license first aid training companies, but also Ofqual, the Welsh Government Department for Education and Skills and the Scottish Qualification Authority.


Those changes are expected to introduce more flexibility and ease the access to this so important qualification. Also First Aid training will be nationally recognized, rated and accredited under the Qualification and Credit Framework and also the Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework. This is all done aiming to make it more attractive and popular which ultimately would make it easier to save lives.


Introducing new Electrical Safety Register

The new register is now unifying under one organization, domestic and commercial accredited contractors. It is the essential guide to electrical safety, because it gives assurance that every contractor appearing in the register would provide the highest standard of service. It is bringing together the three currently existing certification schemes for electrical safety NICEIC, ELECSA and ECA.


Using work equipment safely

A new revised leaflet on the safe use of machinery has been issued.(INDG229rev2). Intended to be useful and helpful for managers, supervisors and employees, this generally covers what employers’ obligations are when employees operate machinery or other work equipment. It is re-assessing the major hazards and situations where machinery is used and giving practical advice on how to avoid serious or even fatal accidents.


New guidance on fragile roofs

There is never enough precaution when working at heights. But still it does account for one fifth of all fatal accidents occurring today in UK. So aiming to raise even more awareness on the topic, the HSE has published new guidance that detail the most risky situations, when working on fragile roofs and how to easily avoid accidents.


Work- related stress report

The latest results of the Labor Force Survey (LFS) relating to stress have been published recently. In the UK for the period 2011/12. Forty percent of all work-related illnesses have happened to be stress- based, with sectors like public health care (especially nursing staff), educational industry, defense and public administration representing the highest levels. Lack of managerial support, work pressure, bullying and work-related violence were pointed as the major aggravators of the situation. So work and improvement in the working life of employees needs to be made, in order to reduce the negative financial impact on businesses and public administration that stress has-caused equating to 10.4 million lost working days….


Anyway, Christmas is here… New year as well which will hopefully bring lots of luck and health to everybody?


So, don’t get too stressed with christmas health and safety, hang your decorations and lights at work as well as at home, try to enjoy and appreciate your colleagues and put in your part making your workplace nice, comfortable and safe.


Merry Christmas.

Written by a top health and safety consultant in Nottingham

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