Can’t see the high visibility woods for the trees

OK so any feedback or comments will be great regarding this one.

Recently we were completing a safety survey for a company who specialise in laying new water pipes in existing paths and roadways. One of the Site Foreman asked me a great question.

“Can you remember not so long ago when high visibility clothing was not mandatory?”

“Well yes of course” I said “what about it?”

“Back in the day” He continued “No one but the police wore high visibility jackets and boy did they stand out”

At this point I started to get his drift and as I looked around me I noticed what he was implying.
Obviously every single workman on the site was wearing the compulsory full highway high visibility garments, over fifty of them.
But also I noticed a school boy on his bike wearing a high visibility vest, a man walking his dog wearing a full high visibility jacket and the postman in his high Visibility gear.

“Do you reckon that people have got used to seeing high visibility clothing everywhere so they don’t pay as much attention any more?” The Foreman enquired.

“Well it’s a very good point and something to ponder” I replied.
I must admit at the time the whole area was just a blur of fluorescent green, yellow and orange.

“However I do know something” I continued “if a couple of your men were not wearing high visibility clothing they would definitely not be spotted as well as any of the other men in this sea of high visibility”

The Foreman gave me a kind laugh and got back to what he was doing but it did strike a cord with me.

What do you guys think out there? Is it similar to our sense of smell in the fact that we get used to it over a period of time and can’t smell it any more?

If so maybe we should come up with clothing that changes colour over time similar to the well known brand of air freshener that has three different fragrances that change on a time delay?

I jest of course but it’s worth a thought

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