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Just a quick one about the CSCS test

CSCS test


Here at safe2use we have had a mountain of emails pleading that we help out with the CSCS test answers.

We have also noticed that a lot of people have got themselves quite worked up about the CSCS test.

First of all don’t worry to much as the test is quiet simple and straight forward and if you do a bit of revision the day before we are sure the average person who has had some experience on site will be able to breeze through the CSCS test with out any problems.

The other thing to remember is that if you do fail the CSCS test you can always take it again so just relax you will be fine trust us.

OK if you are ready for some revision use the contact form here and one of our advisors will email you our latest revision points sheet complete with some CSCS test answers completely free of charge.

Please allow up to 24 working hours.

There are many CSCS test centres scattered all over the UK so just type “CSCS test Nottingham” (substitute Nottingham with your local area) into any well-known search engine and you will be well on your way.

Prices can vary and may rise in the future so please contact your local CSCS test centre for more details and you can also book yourself in at the same time.

Don't forget you can buy a more comprehensive guide to the CSCS test on CD or in paper format from all leading bookstores in store or online.

So good luck and remember don’t panic

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