Delivering results with audits

Audits (if done right) help workers to carry on with health and safety procedures easier.

Very often the audits could be seen as unhelpful and interfering with day to day tasks and also when workers are faced with complying with health and safety requirements at the work place there often will be resistance.

Health and safety regulations are getting tougher every year, as are the regular visits to the businesses from the HSE.

In these difficult economic times no company can afford a huge fine due to bad compliance with the law.

This is where a quality audit can achieve the desired result of not just interfering with work but complying with the law and at the same time actually helping with and improving the daily tasks of workers.

If you as a manager are able to choose the right health and safety expert, he or she could be a great addition to the team. Instead of a boring and nagging person who doesn't know what the business is all about interrupting around the office, shop or factory floor making everybody miserable… And believe me, this is what happens most of the time when you have a health and safety advisor taking an audit around your business premises.

Again an audit could improve the quality of your team/management relationship while saving you money (if it is done by the right people and in the correct manner!).
Internal audits are important too, usually done by the manager.

This person will know the organization of the work and the type of business and certainly could provide a good advice.

If this is the case the wise thing to do is at least once per year have your safety expert visit your premises to have a good look and provide you with up date information about the latest law changes and regulations.
Any of the reports from these audits needs to be presented in a positive and constructive manner, because this way they can be more effective and actually implemented.

Also it is very important for the effectiveness of audit reports to be delivered in simple and clear language.
Make it easy to use and present in a daily or weekly plan for the needed changes.
A good audit would includes what your company is doing right too, not just the mistakes.

Sometimes a quality audit can even solve some of your organizational process issues by pointing out problems you or your management are not able to see.
Most of the health and safety advisers out there would also offer you a tailor made plan and on site help on a daily basis for the problems to be efficiently sorted.
In conclusion a health and safety audit is able to save you money, time and ultimately improve your business.

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