Depression at work

Depression illness of the future

Depression illness of the future

According to countless studies and research depression is without a doubt a plague of the 21st century, among with cancer that is thought to be another stress related ill condition.

A recent study from the World Health Organization concludes that in high income countries around the year 2030 depression will represent the major cause of work related illnesses. In business terms this translates to lost working days and substantial work impairment.

Several recent researches were exploring the link between overtime working hours and the onset of a major depressive episode (MDE). The results based on  research which began in the 1980’s between British civil servants, found out that those who worked 11 hours or more per day were 2.3 to 2.5 times more likely to suffer MDE. Quite worrying results even after taking into account the social demographic, life-style and work-related differences between the participants.

Depression at work illness of the future

Now in UK one in every five people is suffering or have suffered from severe or light form of depression. This fact means that there are 155 million lost working days in UK every year or it accounts for 20% of sickness absence in the workplace.

It is clear that something has to be done, there is an urgent need for a change of attitude towards this condition, because it is costing money to the economy.

In times of severe economic downturn, the numbers of sufferers are increasing and consequently so is the costs for businesses. A very conscious risk assessment of your business activity needs to be conducted, so you reduce any possible work stress illnesses and depression for your workers.

Often this would help you spot organizational problems and their solution could improve production process. Try to Conduct team building sessions and extracurricular activities with your employees as they are proven to create better work atmosphere which automatically translates into benefits for the business.

In general improving the work conditions should highly reduce the risks and costs for your company. In many cases depression and work related anxiety problems occur because of the bad balance between personal and work life which the employee can experience. Many companies and employees swear about the advantages of remote working or working from home which reduces costs for the company while in the same time improves the personal life of the employee.

Long working hours, overtime and low rewards for the employee’s effort are some of the stress, anxiety and depression creating factors. A good company should take care of these problems and its people, this could be a differential factor which can convert it into successful business of the 21st century.

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