Effects of obesity

Effects of obesity

Effects of obesity

Effects of obesity

It’s all about the food…

We are what we eat…In recent years we are all so obsessed with our eating habits, more than ever before in human history. It just looks like the more we try to take care of ourselves and live healthy, the more the effects of obesity statistics are rising…

So there must be something we are doing wrong? Especially considering children’s effects of obesity and diabetes’s numbers are escalating at the speed of light.

When somebody is suffering from the effects of obesity, this essentially means that this person’s BMI(Body Mass Index) is over 30 kg per square meter. Typically, it is expected than an obese employee would suffer more ill-health and as a consequence of that the absences would be more often and prolonged and generally less productive than somebody with a healthier weight.


So the effects of obesity are costing employers as well as employees.


Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, back pain, general difficulty to get around (factory and/or the office), problems to commute to and from work, driving, respiratory problems like apnoea are some of the most common consequences of obesity.

This builds a far less health and safety picture


Apart from that, some of the UK absenteeism is due to the effects of obesity related problems and cost the economy over £12 billion per year. Simple inconveniences like wearing a uniform or PPE also become a serious issue, if dealing with an employee with weight problems.

Even if working part-time, all of us spend a considerable amount of our time at the workplace. This in fact, makes it convenient for employees as well as employers to conduct safety and healthy eating awareness programs in the workplace.


Even if people are not suffering from the effects of obesity, such projects could be convenient due to creating an atmosphere of companionship (having lunch in good company is always fun) and provoke people to eat healthier.

Posters to remind and/ or e- mails and leaflets promoting messages like “5 a day” and/ or “Change 4Life”, would ensure people are being aware of the healthier option. Taking part of any other available campaign which could promote healthy eating habits may be a team building opportunity at the same time.

Try to make sure your employees are having the best possible healthy food alternatives. Ensure that kitchens and canteens provide the appropriate equipment and crockery, so people can prepare their own healthy breakfast options. If food shops and cafes are located on your premises make sure they offer healthy options to help combat effects of obesity.

Where possible provide free incentives of fruit, juices and mineral water. Many companies have such schemes. If a food dispenser is available, make sure there are healthy alternatives to the usual high in sugar, high in saturates, high in preservatives crisps and chocolates. When providing lunch during meetings and conferences, make sure to go for the healthier menu.

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