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Holding Cell

Holding Cell

With all the news of G4S Olympic Safety & Security not being able to cope for the 2012 Olympics there has now been talk of bringing in the armed forces to do the job.

Here at the head office of safe 2 Use we were having a discussion about who pays for that service? I mean if G4S where going to charge £xxxx per head for each guard and now the armed forces (who are funded by tax) are going to do it do we get a tax rebate or cheaper tickets? I don’t know so let’s not start a heated debate.

Anyway before getting too political about it all we then started talking about some past health and safety audits and services we have completed for the security sector and thought it may be of interest to post our experiences.

As you can imagine doing a risk assessment for a night club bouncer, body-guard or bank security guard is not a simply task!

We have completed some very obscure jobs in the past and one of the most unusual tasks included a full risk assessment and evacuation procedure for a group of security guards who were testing forced entry into a holding cell that had been barricaded from the inside.

Basically they were simulating a scenario that a suspect had been detained in a holding cell and barricaded him self in. Unfortunately this type of cell had a door that opens into the cell and not out to the corridor. How would they be able to force entry into the cell?

The problem is holding cells only have 1 entrance/exit and the barricade had to be set up from inside leaving one very nervous and vulnerable guard inside the cell while the others were doing everything in their power to break the barrier and door in by brute force.

As you can imagine this was very high risk stuff and called for a lot of thought regarding method statement and control procedures. In fact if we get enough interest we may even post the solution we came to.

G4S Olympic Safety & Security

In the meantime we would love to hear any thoughts or suggestions how you may approach this scenario so please feel free to contact us at http://www.safe2use.com or leave a comment below.

So until next time stay safe and don't barricade yourself into a corner.

P.S. Did you know the armed forces are under the same obligation regarding health and safety as we are in the private sector?


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