Getting to work during the 2012 Olympics

Olympic Traffic

Olympic Traffic

Is London’s 2012 Olympics going to involve lots of traffic jams, big crowds in the underground and busses? Most probably, yes, many of the London residents will get to work late during the event. So brave yourselves and prepare to run, dodge, squeeze and duck through the Olympic visitor crowds on your way to the factory, office or shop. Undoubtedly, the month of the event will mean lots of hard work, as well as some good earnings for many businesses in the area. But also there are going to be more congestion and crowds everywhere.

Some of the possible solutions could be annual leave for some employees to be taken during August- September.
Flexible or remote working could be another possibility for some business activities. Home and tele-working are becoming more and more popular for many companies, benefiting employees and employers alike. With a good IT preparation this could be the solution for traffic and crowd problems of your business during this summer.

From health and safety point of view the employers and employees have to be aware of the possible risks involved in working from home particularly musculoskeletal disorders, stress and feeling isolated.

If those are not viable solutions for your company, plan alternative routes to work. Maybe even making an investment in hiring private vans and busses for your employees to get to work and back without unnecessary hassle would be beneficial for everybody? It would also remove some pressure and help people concentrate at work.

If you have to hire more workers during the Olympics due to more demand of your services, don’t forget about the health and safety implications which are involved. Depending on your particular business activity, additional health and safety training may be necessary, and- or some changes in your policy may apply as well.

This summer is a good opportunity to embrace the Olympic spirit in your company. May be some extra curricular sports activities would benefit the team and create better atmosphere in the work place, which at the end will translate to a tangible business benefit.

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