Health and Safety Events in March

March is going to be a busy month for the construction industry, particularly regarding safety issues.
If you are in the business and have maintenance or repair works site of any size, prepare yourself.
There is a big possibility that you could get a visit from HSE inspectors.

The initiative is part of the organizations' purpose to raise the awareness and remind the
construction professionals all around the country that poor standards in health and safety politics
are unacceptable. That sometimes cost the industry and companies a fortune and more often than
not lives. Only for the period 2010/2011 42 very serious injuries have occurred on
construction sites in Nottinghamshire. Also there were 3 deaths for the same period and 188 serious
accidents across the East Midlands. Even bigger is reported to be the cost of small and totally and
easily preventable accidents- British companies lose around 250 Pounds a second in compensation
costs and pay outs or those accidents. The same study conducted by the British Safety Council
revealed that six million days are lost annually because of work-place injuries.
Generally the inspectors would be concentrating on checking high- risk activities and tidiness or the
good order of the construction sites. Unfortunately the falls from heights still remain one of the
most common causes of fatalities and major injuries in the UK. There are more than 5 of those
incidents every day around the country. The possible agenda for the inspections will concentrate in
the following points
Jobs involving working at height were properly planned, staff realizing them were trained in
accordance and appropriate precautions and equipment were in place
Sites are tidy and well organized, according to law regulations
Special attention would be given to walkways, stairs and main public access to the
construction site which should be free from obstructions and the pass byres protected

construction site which should be free from obstructions and the pass byres protected
Work areas are clear from unnecessary materials
Visits are planned to start from today 27* of February and will be carried on for a month.
Sincerely, from the team of Safe2use we wish good luck to everybody who gets visited. And if you
need to get your Health and Safety or Risk Assessment Policy in place or other Health and Safety
advice, do not hesitate to contact us.
Also during March will take place the HSE's Behaviour Based Safety- How to improve Health and
Safety Culture event. All delegates will be advised from industry experts on different health and
safety issues, especially on prevention trough better training. It will take place at the MWB Meeting
Rooms, London on the 7th of March. Certainly, an effective training is one of the major challenges
faced by the construction industry. Apart from being part of the regulations to complete, everyday
becomes clearer that an effective health and safety training adds value to the company, creates a
secure and healthier work atmosphere and ultimately increases the quality and productivity of your
business. The experts are also expected to provide information on how to engage the workforce
from these working at the office to those on the construction site to be more proactive and
concerned on health and safety issues._ '_

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