Health and Safety for Employees

Health and safety for employees

health and safety for employees

health and safety for employees


Some say, that a good entrepreneur or manager is somebody who is a good people motivator, more than anything else… Whatever their line of work is, motivating and inspiring the employees is one of the most important task a manager has to do. There are many situations when a good team would make the difference between an average business and a huge one.

How could Employee health and safety at work be an inspiring tool?

The general opinion is that health and safety for employee is boring but necessary. And we all know that very well when not complying with the regulations.

If an employee is given a health and safety task to complete a complaint would be the most expected reaction. For many SMEs it is quite expensive to have a safety consultant in the team looking after health and safety for employees, so the only solution is to appoint an employee with the safety paperwork, training and reporting of incidents. Even if you have a safety advisor who provides you regular updates, policies and risk assessments, you are still responsible to have all the documentation in order, certain assessments and method statements should be performed by yourself or an employee.

Engaging people with health and safety for employees tasks will give them better understanding of the purpose of health and safety regulations and training, while helping them learn new skills, which would be beneficial for the many more of tasks. Additional training might be necessary such as assessing risks, first aid, becoming a workstation assessor, as well as a chance for the employee to develop its own leadership and management skills. This would be a plus for the whole team, as it seems easier to accept the relevant orders to other employees when communicated by a colleague.

Giving employees autonomy to decide when and how to do their work should increase work satisfaction and also could be seen as a little promotion.

Generally giving tasks for employees to perform, which are usually done by supervisors would increase their sense of fulfillment and make them feel more valuable for the company.

Instead of seeing health and safety for employees as an additional burden of bureaucracy paperwork and boring nonsense you can make people within your organization accept it as part of their day-to-day responsibilities. In general it will improve job satisfaction and happiness. Especially because safety at work is so demanding and requires so much attention to detail issue, it is the perfect way to train your employees to acquire skills which later will be used for any other work project.

And of course, health and safety saves you money and more important, saves and improves quality of lives. Use it correctly and everybody will rip  their own benefits from it.

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Written by on of our top health and safety consultants Sheffield

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