health and safety for employers

Guidelines on Health and safety for Employers

health and safety for employers

health and safety for employers

Employers are charged with the responsibility of ensuring health and safety for their employees and anyone else that may be affected by their business operations. There are also separate conditions and responsibilities set out by the law for employees and the self-employed as well. Employers are normally supposed to ensure the health and safety of all the people in their premises by following the set out safety guideline as per the law. This means they are supposed to manage anything that might cause harm in and around the workplace and, effectively eliminate any risks to their employees and other affected parties. The responsibilities and associated guidelines for health and safety for employers are described in detail below.


As contained in the responsibilities for health and safety for employers, the first and most important point is providing a safe working environment that is healthy for employees to work in. In this endeavour, employers are legally compelled to provide properly maintained working equipment and premises. This means that every piece of equipment used at work should be in top condition to eliminate any risks of malfunction brought about by lack of maintenance. The premises should be clean and well maintained to offer a healthy and safe working environment as well.


Another important guideline in the responsibilities for health and safety for employers in relation to the working environment is the provision of well-ventilated environment with a reasonable temperature that promotes an optimum work rate level from employees. It is important to note that fresh air is one of the important requirements for healthy working. Poor ventilation can increase the risk of suffocation or spreading of airborne diseases at the workplace. Above average temperatures is also a health risk as it can easily lead to dehydration.


All workstations should be properly designed to offer acceptable safety levels, as well as healthy occupation by workers. The workstations should be clean and have suitable waste disposal systems. A clean workstation directly affects the health of the employees as they will be seating there for long periods of the day on a regular basis.


The provision of basic amenities including toilets, hand basins with water, soap and towels or other means of drying hands such as hand dryers, and even drinking water all fall under the responsibilities on health and safety for employers. All these amenities directly affect the health and safety of the employee while working at the premises and should be guaranteed at all times.


In conclusion, it is important to note that all employers are supposed to conduct an assessment of all risks in relation to health and safety at the workplace. The findings of the assessment should be well documented. This is one of the main guidelines on health and safety for employers meant to ensure that risks are identified, and appropriate steps taken to eliminate the same.

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