Increased Fines on Health and Safety Offences

A review from the Sentencing Council has proposed that large organisations committing corporate manslaughter could face fines of up to twenty million in England and Wales.

The new guidelines also said that fatal health and safety offences could carry fines up to ten million.

An example of a fatal offence includes a pedestrian being killed by unstable scaffolding or an employee being injured at work by faulty machinery.
The review chases the concerns of a ‘lack of comprehensive guidance’.

It has been proposed that all details about the fines should be set out in guidelines, and presenting the serious nature of these sort of offences.
The Current guidelines have been blamed as ‘vague’ because no upper limits have been showcased, or starting points in regards with the size of the company involved.

During the previous year and the beginning on this year, there has been approximately 133 cases of fatal injuries that occurred at work while 70 members of the public had been injured because of work-related accidents.

Michael Caplan QC, Sentencing Council member, noted “Businesses that put people at risk by flouting their responsibilities are undercutting those that play by the rules and do their best to keep people safe.

Our proposals will help ensure a consistent approach to sentencing, allowing fair and proportionate sentences across the board, with some of the most serious offenders facing tougher penalties.

Do you agree with the suggestion on increased fines on health and safety?
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