What to expect from a Health and Safety Shop

Health and Safety Shop

Health and safety shop

What to expect from your one stop health and safety shop

“ Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler” Albert Einstein

It is a wide-spread opinion, that health and safety is a boring obligation and an additional cost for businesses.

Health and safety consultancy is routinely criticized and mocked by the media, government and society in general. To be fair, there is a certain degree of truthfulness and some of the criticism is justified.

It is a boring obligation for businesses and public authorities, but don't forget was created to save and improve the quality of people’s lives.

Currently the government are undertaking a serious revision of the rules and regulations of health and safety in order to make it easier and more cost-effective for businesses. On the other hand, we, the safety advisors/ consultants/ managers should re-think our attitude and approach towards our clients and adapt to current economic times.

During the many years of gathered experience here at www.safe2use.com, we have benefitted in many situations where an open, sincere and direct communication approach have been the key quality most valued by our customers.

In essence, when you look to health and safety shop for an advisor you should be looking for somebody who you would trust to assess you on safety issues and who would make the regulations simple and easy to understand. Communication and trust are basic factors for the successful completion of  any job and the ultimate goal for everybody including advisors, consultants and clients so make sure you ask about simplicity when contacting any health and safety shop.

When dealing with SMEs a simplified and cost-effective way of work is the norm and this ideal must be dealt with by a good health and safety shop.

In our still not so globalized world, SMEs are among the main pillars of our economy and everybody should be conscious of that.

Being a health and safety shop, advisor/consultant for a small or medium size company involves making it very clear who is doing what. Which tasks the advisor can carry out: organizing and/or providing the training courses, writing the health and safety policy and the general risk assessments, conducting regular visits on sites, keeping up to date with the relevant paperwork according to any law changes, monitor and review and/or help to safely manage the workforce sometimes on a daily basis, etc.

What does the client have to do? Comply with the health and safety shop and any changes, finance and alow time for the employees to attend the advised training sessions, operate and use the company’s resources to implement the advised standards, manage work conditions and procedures in order to improve safety, monitor and supervise, etc.

This practice has demonstrated that the health and safety shop's advice and regular audits and risk assessments have a real positive impact on the day-to-day organization and work routine and in many cases is responsible for improved productivity.

Working hand-in-hand with your health and safety shop's advisors and consultants could be beneficial to develop and better the team atmosphere and the general mood of people in the workplace.

Health and safety is a combination of many disciplines - law, medicine, management, but also psychology, sociology and engineering, all held together by good old common sense. So, try to make the most of your health and safety shop's advisor/consultant while complying with the law at the same time.

Have fun…..

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