Office hazards

Is an office environment a safe place to be? Certainly yes, if you compare the risks in the office to the risks at the building site or those at the road repair works, for example.

Is your office safe? When was the last time you have carried out a risk assessment ?

Dangerous Office

Safe Office?

The truth is that sometime an unsafe office environment could be as dangerous as a construction site. The good news is that is much easier and less expensive to comply with the regulations, get properly assessed and trained. The most important actions you have to take at least once per year are of course renew your Health and Safety Policy, Fire Risk Assessment and PAT Testing -Inspection of Portable Electrical Equipment for electrical dangerous faults.

Some of the many office hazards are

- RSI Repetitive Strain Injury, an injury witch is a direct consequence from poorly designed computer work stations caused particularly from prolonged use of keyboards

- An excessive use of VDU- Visual Display Units can affect the eyes

- A series of back pain injuries, due mostly to poor training and improper sitting stations

- Poor housekeeping can create slips, trips and falls witch leads to a big percentage of the office injuries and are the most expensive ones

Sometimes is difficult to choose what to concentrate the resources for the health and safety part of your business. You do not need to worry about health and safety policy at all if you have fewer than five employees. In any case you are obliged to have a Public Liability Insurance, and of course Fire Risk Assessment for your office. A proper and particular training of your employees might be of need in some situations for example if the building where your office premises are is undergoing a major refurbishment etc. Always a good health and safety consultant would safe money to your business for the long term.

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