Rules for health and safety

Health and safety in the workplace is a legal requirement and with these rules listed below, health and safety risks should be lowered.

Look out for one another – Health and safety is about the people and those involved, by looking out for one another and advising each other about risks, this will reduce the possibility of any dangers happening.

Think – Knowing the health and safety risks prior to starting work will make you more cautious of any potential problems you may encounter. You employer is required to undertake a risk assessment of your workplace to determine any dangers and should explain and brief you on the steps that should be taken so to stay safe.

Procedures – It is vital for your safety to follow the procedures and rules of your work environment. However, if you may have some qualms about these precautions, consult your manager about them.

Organisation – Keeping your work place neat and tidy will not only help you be more organised but it will also reduce the chances of any smaller, common hazards to become active e.g. tripping and falling, fires etc. Ensure to clear up any spillages immediately.

Clothing – If you are required to wear safety clothing for your job role, make sure to do so at all times, or at least when it is necessary.

Report – A study has found that, on average, for each major injury at work, there are roughly 200 non-injury incidents (near misses). If you happen to experience or see a near miss, report that to your manager so the problem can be avoided or dealt with.

Roles – Only undertake the work you are skilled to do, do not attempt any work if you have not received the correct training.

Equipment – When undertaking a task, use the appropriate equipment for that particular job; many accidents have happened because of the misuse of equipment.

Limits – Know your limits: if any work your are involved in becomes unsafe, you will need to draw the line and inform your line manager – you have the legal right to cease partaking in any work that you feel is a threat to your safety.

Don’t cut corners – Don’t cut any corners when completely a task, you could endanger others as well as yourself.

Please visit the Safe 2 Use website for further information on health and safety.

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