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Health and safe inspections and follow ups

Formal health and safety inspections can take a variety of different forms, which will help determine the best methods for your workplace.

Below are a few ways the inspections can take place:

  • Safety tours: which entails a general inspection of the workplace
  • Safety sampling: safety sampling is the systematic sampling of any dangerous activities, processes or different areas
  • Safety surveys: general inspection of any potential dangerous activities, processes or areas
  • Incident inspections: these will usually be carried out after an accident causing a fatality, injury, or near miss that could have potentially been an injury.

Formal inspections can take different forms and you and your representatives will need to agree the best methods for your workplace. Here are some of the ways inspections can take place.

After inspection

After an inspection, the reasons for any follow-up actions that you decide to take up will need to be explained to your representatives. Let that representative who notified you of the inspection have the opportunity to inspect again so they can check if the issues that have been raised to see if they have the opportunity to inspect again so they are able to check if there are any issues that were raised gained any attention, then recording these.
The follow-up action should then be shared throughout the workplace and other relevant parts of the business, this should also involve the health and safety committee if there is one.

In some cases, action may not be appropriate and you may not be able to act within a reasonable period of time or when the action you take is not acceptable to your safety representatives.
Any action that is taken should be explained to your representatives.

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