Well being activities in the workplace

A huge business benefit?

well Being

Well Being

A well known mantra among many companies we encounter is "people are our greatest asset", but how many of them, are really backing it up? In such a hard economic downturn like the present one, it is quite challenging and expensive for businesses to implement activities and benefits for the employees which would make them feel motivated and engaged with their work.

Actually it has been estimated that there are only 12% of UK workers who are highly engaged in their jobs. Probably those companies taking an alternative approach to the well being and health of their workers are the few surviving and benefiting from the "Crisis"

There are serious short and long-term impacts for businesses when the employees are neglected. Rapidly increasing absenteeism are costing companies around £600 per year per employee, which is about 44 billion in lost productivity every year. Workers are reporting reduced job satisfaction, lower confidence in senior managements and decrease in their living standards. Well being activities in the workplace.

Such a situation can't be ignored and there are certain management mechanisms which could improve it. When combined the forces of health and safety advisors, senior management and HR professionals the results and benefits for the business are impressive. In some cases the usual tactics like health benefits - gym membership,
fruit and vitamin supplements, private health care etc, are not enough, and don't really add any value for the employee or the employer.

The main problem, as always when dealing with people, is the lack of and/ or poor communication. Competition within and outside companies are becoming more demanding and stressful for the employee and the uncertainties of the hard economic times put additional pressure on people and changes their behavior at the workplace. A change of the traditional ways of communication between the management and the workforce adopting a proactive partnership approach could make a huge difference. By thus becoming a day to-day norm to a business
attitude, and not merely a new initiative, it could relate to huge benefits for the company. this is part of becoming more professional in your type of business activity and gains you advantage against your competitors. it is not true, that being a good business person is being a good communicator and good employer? Luckily,"for more
and more businesses this is becoming a practice. The direct impacts on sickness absence and on individual and organizational performance, and consequently on productivity are really positive as well.

So should we do more to promote well being activities in the workplace?

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